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Radiator, metal and uPVC spraying

Radiator, metal and uPVC spraying

Radiators, metals and uPVC spraying requires a different, specialist paint compared to timber. At the Exeter Spray Centre we can advise you on the best paint that is going to give you long lasting results.

Once at the Exeter Spray Centre, items are prepared. Please note that we do not slot blast items. If your items have lots of flaking paint we would recommend contacting our friends at They can slot blast them to remove the flaking old paint and either powered coat them or we can wet spray them, whichever is most suitable for you.

After preparation, items are primed and top coated in a suitable paint. Colours for metals and plastic can be a little bit more limited so please contact us for you requirements. Most customers pick from the Ral Colour range

Please note, we do not undertake on site spraying of windows or doors. All items have to come to us. Spraying on site requires different access safely equipment and health and safety regulations. Our insurance therefore does not cover us for any exterior paint spraying.

Radiators, metals and uPVC spraying is a most effective way for transform your home.

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