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If it can fit into the spray booth, we can spray it. A one off item or a large commercial project. These can include:

Commercial items

If you are a company with a product you would like to be sprayed, we can help. From small one off orders to large multiple items, we have the equipment and knowledge to finish your product in any colour and finish you wish.

If you are not sure on what would look best, we can help you by making sample boards and doing test runs to ensure you get the best results. We will meet the timescales agreed and stay within budget.

Crackle glaze effects

If you have something new which requires an older look, we can apply a crackle glaze. This process is done using two different colours to achieve an amazing effect. Finished in a lacquer to ensure it stays strong and looks good.

We can spray single items of furniture, props, fireplaces, lengths of timber or sheets of boards.

Glitter Effects

Everyone needs a bit of glitter in their lives!

Adding glitter turns any item into something very special. We start by preparing the surfaces followed by applying any colour you wish. Once dry we then add the glitter mix within the final coat of clear lacquer.

Depending on the base colour and the colour of the glitter, we can achive different effects. It can be applied to any surface.

Anti bacterial paint

If you have a restaurant, pub, lab, doctors surgery or any other environment where hygiene is important, you should consider the use of an anti bacterial paint which can be applied to doors, drawers and timber sheets. We can spray this in any colour and sheen level.

This paint is a very fast drying, high build two pack lacquer, formulated to include an agent that stops bacteria surviving on its surface. 448 Medicote will prevent the spread of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli 015 (e.coli), Salmonella enteritidis, Bacillus cereus (food poisoning) and other bacteria with a kill rate of 99% within 24 hours. (Accredited by Law laboratories ref 05H547). Medicote also reduces the risk of deterioration, discolouration and odours caused by micro-organisms. Meets the requirements of FIRA Standard 6250: 2005 for horizontal surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops) and rated as heavy/severe use.

Spraying of musical instruments

Musical instruments can become tired and worn over time. At the Exeter Spray Centre we can restore many wooden instruments, including pianos, guitars and violins.

We request that you arrange for the items to be brought / delivered to the Spray Centre. We can recommend removal companies for pianos. Strings to be removed where possible prior to arriving at the Spray Centre.

On arrival, any defects are filled and fully rubbed down. Primed with a high build primer (white, black or clear) and finished in any colour and sheen level you wish. Our favourite is the black wet look mirror finish, for a piano.

We can also recolour woodstains of any colour. All items are finished in a very hard wearing lacquer.

Wood stains and clear coating

We can apply an extensive range of different wood stains to soft wood, hard wood and timber sheets.

We either spray or ‘rag on’ these woodstain and finish with top coats of clear lacquer to whatever sheen level you wish.

To make sure we get the colour you require, we recommend carrying out some test areas with different colours before committing to the final colour.

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