Exeter Spray Centre Terms and Conditions

Estimated costs

All prices are an estimate only unless otherwise stated. Costs may vary if extra labour or materials are required. If this is likely to increase by more than 10% of the estimated cost, we will let you know at the earliest possible opportunity.

Colour matching

Every effort is made to achieve a close colour match however we can not guarantee an exact match due to differences in sheen levels, manufactures, lighting and substrate that it is sprayed on. We are not responsible if the colour does not meet your expectation.

Kitchen removing and refitting

We should be made aware of any previous damage or difficultly to open doors and drawers before the removing of items starts. Items are refitted to the existing hinges, fittings and holes. Unless otherwise stated within the price, the old handles are refitted. Drilling out new holes for new handles is chargeable as an extra charge of £2 per handle.

Interior work guarantee

Spraying of internal items such as furniture and kitchen are covered under a one year guarantee for the following: Paint bubbling, paint flaking off or colour change. Items not included are areas where the timber has moved, expanded or cracked – this in turn cracking the paint.

Joinery coating

Exterior joinery should arrive with a radius of at least 3mm on all edges. Where possible 90 degree sharp edges should be rounded off and all areas smooth and dust free.

A typical exterior paint system is primer and two coats of topcoat, this ensures your product is truly sealed to the best it can be. Large amounts of making good holes, cracks, knotting or sanding is chargeable. If there is damage when fitting then it may mean that the seal has been compromised. It should be repainted onsite correctly to avoid any moisture getting into the wood. We are not liable for any wood tanning or staining coming through the paint. To avoid this we recommend using a high quality aged timber and spraying two coats of primer only. Items finished onsite with two coats of an oil based undercoat and 1 coat of oil based gloss. We do not offer a guarantee on any exterior products.

MDF / new timber

Within a price we allow for only a small amount of smoothing of edges. It is recommended that items are filled and pre-sanded with a 240 grit before being given to us. Extra sanding or filling of edges is chargeable.

Transportation by Exeter Spray Centre

Items are fully protected during the collection and delivery. Any damage will be repaired by us. You will not be liable for any extra cost.
Furniture collected and delivered to the ground floor of the property only. Any extra removal time above this is chargeable.

Storing items

From the point of informing you that an item is ready for collection we will store the item for 5 working days at no cost. Any period above that is charged at £5 per day plus VAT.


Although paint may be touch dry, it will remain soft for up to 20 days. During this time only use a damp soft cloth to clean surfaces.


On large projects over £2000 a deposit or interim payment maybe required. Unless otherwise agreed, all payments to be made on completion of the work via BACS or Card payment, which can be taken at the Spray centre. Cheques are not accepted. Late payments after 7 days will be charged full recovery fees.


We aim to complete the work within 7 -10 days.

We reserve the right to be 7 days late due to cold weather, delays in receiving materials from our supplier or because of extra work required.


We may take photos before and after the work is completed. These will be shared on our social media. No names or addresses are given. Unless you otherwise tell us, we will presume we have the right to share these images.

Cancellation of projects

The fee for the cancellation of a project after it has been booked in, are as follows:

  • 14 working days or more notice – No cost
  • 13 – 7 working days notice – 25% of the value of the work
  • 7 working days or less – 50% of the value of the work
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