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Exeter Spray Centre - Proud to be a Carbon Neutral Company

We are now working with Carbon Neutral Britain  – The UK’s largest carbon offsetting initiative to ensure we now have a Carbon neutral footprint.

How does it work?

Increased Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gases (CO²e) are the biggest cause of Global Warming on our Planet.

Everything you do – what you buy, eat and where you go, adds to the amount of CO²e produced, adding to Global Warming.

By Offsetting our Carbon Footprint – with projects to remove CO²e from the atmosphere, we can balance out our emissions to become what is known as Carbon Neutral.

We strongly believe that having items restored and resprayed instead of throwing it out and buying new is good for the environment.

Not only does buying a new kitchen requires trees to be harvested, the manufacturing process, the transporting – often from the other side of the world, but also the old kitchen being put into a skip and into landfill.

Compare this to spraying a kitchen – The paint is purchased locally, the kitchen is reused and made to look good for many more years to come and much of the waste we do create is recyclable.

By mid 2022 we also plan to have a full electric van and offer EV charging for our customers.

By teaming up with Carbon Neutral Britain, We fund projects in Britain and around the world to reduce the amount of CO²e in the earths atmosphere.

We believe planting trees are the most sustainable way to do this, as forest projects absorb CO², refract the earths heat as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

Currently we are helping fund the planting of 30 trees each month, removing 60 tonnes of CO²e each year.

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