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Find out about the team at the Exeter Spray Centre.

The Exeter Spray Centre was founded by Rob in January 2015.

After more than 20 years in the painting and decorating industry Rob was one of the first in the country to start using spray painting instead of the older brush and roller method on normal painting projects.

And before long, he was being asked to spray more items such as furniture, kitchens and joinery – and so the Exeter Spray Centre was born.

Rob rented a unit and built the most modern spray centre in the area, with the very best equipment on the market because he wanted to achieve remarkable results on every project.

The Company evolved rapidly and now has 4 members of staff assisting Rob.

About the team members in more detail:

From left to right:

Will and Sean are our removal and refitting team. They attend customers homes to remove and refit kitchens plus undertake the collection of furniture. When not out on projects they help with the preparation int he workshop.

Rob is the owner and project manager. Rob is the main contact for all enquires and deals with the pricing, bookings and organisation of the work and the overall  day to day running of the company.

Chris undertakes all the preparation work, including the washing, filling and rubbing down of items, getting them ready for spraying.

Kev is our sprayer. He undertakes all priming, top coating in different colours and spraying of clear lacquers. He also oversee the workshop planning and workloads.

If you have any other question about the members of the team at the Exeter Spray Centre or would like to have a chat about a project please pop into the Spray Centre anytime. We are always happy to show people around and let you watch the spraying process.

We love to use the best paints on the market. Mostly this is from a company called Morrells. More details on them can be found here https://www.morrells.co.uk


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